Marco Reus leans towards extending his contract with Borussia Dortmund

Today, exclusive information has been published that Marco Reus might extend his contract with Borussia Dortmund after all. However, at least over on Twitter, a lot of wrong information has been passed on in English as well – ranging from he has already signed a new contract with BVB to he will sign a contract until 2017.

So, here are the most important facts from the original, exclusive article of the Ruhr Nachrichten (media partner of the BVB), summarised and in English.

According to information gathered by the news paper and the local radio station 91.2, Reus and Borussia Dortmund have converged in their negotiations about Reus‘ contract. They say that a prolongation of his contract currently running until 2017 might already be announced in February.

Reus‘ current contract contains a buy-out clause that allows him to leave the club this summer for a fixed transfer fee of 30 million Euro. This clause would be be rendered invalid if Reus extended his contract with Borussia Dortmund. The decision whether or not to make use of this clause has to be made by April, however both sides have already declared that they wish to make this decision earlier and have been in negotiations about an extension of the contract for several months.

In the discussion between Reus and his management and Borussia Dortmund, the BVB was now able to make substantial progress. Hans-Joachim Watzke, CEO of Borussia Dortmund, said on Monday that he does not want to comment on the status of the negotiations. BVB have put their cards on the table and now it is Reus‘ turn.

At the end of January, Bayern München officially refrained from binding Reus to their club. According to information of the Ruhr Nachrichten however, Real Madrid is willing to double Borussia Dortmund’s offer to Reus. Reus‘ current market value considerably exceeds 30 million Euro.

If he was to sign a new contract with Borussia Dortmund, Reus would be the top earner in the BVB team. The „new BVB“ would then be created around him.

Shortly: Current contract until 2017 but opportunity to leave the BVB in the summer. New contract would run longer than 2017 but no buy-out clause then. Right now, tendency to extend with Borussia Dortmund instead of making use of the clause.

All information from the original German article of the Ruhr Nachrichten.

Edit Tuesday: Marco Reus has extended his contract with Borussia Dortmund until 2019. His contract now contains no more buy-out clause nor does any other player of the BVB have a buy-out clause. Reus says he followed his heart in making the decision to stay in Dortmund and is very happy with it. He is looking forward to a successful future with the team and the fantastic fans of the BVB. Hans-Joachim Watzke said that Reus could characterise an era at Dortmund the way that Steven Gerrard did in Liverpool and Uwe Seeler in Hamburg. The decision to stay in Dortmund in such a difficult situation as the club is in at the moment shows a very high measure of identification with the club that they are very proud of. (German article of the Ruhr Nachrichten)

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